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This is from "The Brother Gardeners" by Andrea Wulf. You might not suspect that plants have much to do with rock crystals, but this sure has a parallel to today's market with ridiculous cutesy names and ridiculous prices for substandard specimens:

""However, there was one problem: the naming of these new plants was causing much confusion, since gardeners and nurserymen were naming them at will. .... For garden owners the confusion meant that cultivatiom advice could be wrong and that the same plant could be ordered twice under different names. ....

The problem was not entirely new. Already in 1629 [1629!!!] John Parkinson, in his bestselling plant catalogue Paradisi in Sole: Paradisus Terrestris, declared that "scarce one of our Nurserie men doe sell the right, but give one for another". .... More than sixty years later, Samuel Gilbert, another horticultural writer, remained frustrated by "the Mercenary Flower Catchers" who pretended to sell new exotics but only invented names for "old Flowers TO ENHANCE THEIR PRICE. " " [caps mine]

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WITH. Rock crystals, clusters, and other stones work WITH you, not FOR you. You are asking them to contribute, to add their energy to your focus.

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