The Point Is:

In the days of the Greek and Roman Empires, people carried rock crystals with them in hot weather because, as the name suggests*, they helped them to stay cool. So BE cool and send for yours now. Because they were right.

*Crystallos" means "Ice".

Each One The Only

WITH. Rock crystals, clusters, and other stones work WITH you, not FOR you. You are asking them to contribute, to add their energy to your focus.

NOTE: We accept Paypal as it's the easiest, safest way for you to pay for your rock crystals, quartz clusters, jewelry, bud bottles, books, Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums, picture frames...and the best way to keep that information private. If you prefer to pay by bank check, please email when you have made your choices so that we can put them on hold for you until your check is received and cleared. Thanks!

In case you're new here - or if you've forgotten - the members of your orders will choose a 'travelling companion' to bring with them to you [our gift]. This may delay shipping a bit as they know whom they want to bring, but we are sometimes a little slow on the uptake.

Note that if you are sending a gift directly from here, the 'companion' will come to you, for you. Fun for us, extra value for you!

Each One The Only One. tm

REMINDERS: 1- Yes, we ship worldwide, however; NOT to Russia or those countries which think they are its' allies. 2- Every item shown is available ONLY from our site, so be sure you are not ordering from any other web address. 3- If you have questions, please email us at before you order.